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Hello - I wrote you an email (an Mila

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Dobry dzien,
you have a very addorable dog. Very difficult to find a dark brindle Basenji. I was the first on the waiting list of the only breeder in Germany who got one. Unfortunately mother nature had different plans and the x-ray examination confirmed that. Meanwhile I accepted the fact that I have to wait a year instead of buying another black or red one this winter. I really want a dark brindle one which is not very comon in Germany/Poland. Beside the fact that they are beatiful they live longer and got a slighly different behaviour then for example a red one. I would prefer a female but would accept a male as well. No special requirements as want to buy myself a friend for different activities and less for show competition. In case there is chance to apply for a brindle Basenji puppy this winter or winter next year I would relly appreciate a short feedback for your site. My name is Martin, in relation, no kids, 39 years old and live in Hamburg, Germany. Looking forwards to hear from you and get the chance to tell you more about me.

Kind regards,
Marcin Gajewski

I can also speak Polish and German in case it helps. Otherwise Google translater :-)
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